What others have said about their Coaching experience....


Client A -  Transocean

“The one-to-one coaching process has enabled me to better understand the interlinking of the various learning modules within the Leadership Development programme, and be better positioned to utilise these new learning's and skills in my day-to-day handling of people and situations.  My man management of my department has improved, in my opinion, and is backed up by now being less likely to receive negative feedback on my management of the individuals and the group as a whole.
"Providing and seeking feedback from subordinates and peers on a regular basis, is something I am doing more of as a result of the coaching/mentoring sessions  This has resulted in me better understanding my own strengths and weaknesses and being more at ease in dealing with difficult situations and awkward customers.  I am not also better able to view and understand others points of view and less likely to take things personally."

Client B -Transocean

"I very much enjoyed my time with Su who came across, without fail, as friendly, supportive and understanding!"

Lorraine Watson-Buchan - Director, Hatstand Nelly

"I enjoyed our meetings and learned lots, not just new ideas but also about my own techniques.  I think in business I constantly question myself and my decisions so it was good to get reassurances that I'm on the right track.   Su asked lots of questions to get an insight into the type of business I have, she was very patient and attentive.  I felt that in doing this she was able to give me individual help relating directly to the culture I like to encourage in my company.  It's exactly for this reason that I would ask for another coaching session with Su if I needed her help in the future."

Client C - Rig Manager

"Su has made a big difference with regards to many things, my work planning is a lot more concise, deliverable and achievable.  My personal / family life has improved 100%, actually planning my family commitments along with work, not just work and work and more work.
"The Coaching has really helped me in developing myself better than I ever imagined in a very short time.”

Client D - AM - Aberdeen

"Speaking to a coach regarding the issues I encounter at work has helped by getting an honest and independent 3rd party view. 
After discussing and implementing some strategies to try to improve the situation with no effect, further discussions have helped me to come to a decision about what is good for me and what I want.
The evidence to quantify this is that I subsequently resigned from the company and I am looking forward to a future with job satisfaction."


Client E - Career Manager

"Some of the early parts of my coaching were aimed at helping me to address stress related issues which were affecting my performance at work, in particular my decision making and communication styles.  I have also worked on my team and individual skill development, moving my focus away from the Task focus that is was previously centred on.  This has helped me grow as a manager and facilitated me in making the transition into a more senior managers role, now managing other managers.
"Su has been a fantastic coach, aiding me with personal development, helping me to identify some root cause problems and to help me identify options that I can do to address those problems.  Su has responded well to all the issues I have discussed with her, following up on delivering tools to me that I may wish to try best based on her understanding of my learning and working styles.

Client F  - Global Santa Fe

"Su has been a great help from the very first meeting and I have found our meetings very refreshing and meaningful.   A meaningful quote 'Try it before you knock it, the best hour each month'.
"The Coaching has really helped me in developing myself better than I ever imagined in a very short time, after each coaching session I really look forward to using the extra methods of development discussed.  The next time we meet the progress I have felt is discussed in depth before we move ahead."


Client G - New Team Leader

"Prior to the coaching sessions I was stressed out and thinking of quitting my job.  I am now more positive and settled in my supervisory role.  Communications and relationships have improved within my team.  My own stress levels have been reduced and the work is more enjoyable and more efficient."