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Life Coaching

Mind over matter!
The possibilities are endless!


Coaching is a creative process that can be both exciting and challenging as you find yourself achieving one goal after another. 

You set the agenda and we'll provide you with support, tools, and resources to help you stay on track.

Life coaching can help you to take control of your future, reduce stress, and enjoy life.

What’s key?   Everything you say will be in total confidence.


The Benefits of having a Life Coach

  • You can talk about your problems and challenges with someone who's not going to interrupt, judge, criticise, or offer opinions based on their own experience.
  • If you're feeling negative and lacking in motivation, your coach will help you challenge limiting assumptions and beliefs you may be holding about the situations you find yourself in that are stopping you moving forward.
  • Coaching will give you the space and time to think through your challenges and options.
  • Your coach acts as a sounding board for all of your ideas and can help you make them a reality.
  • If you've lost direction, your coach will help you to focus, find your way and then work with you to take your first steps along that path.


You will benefit more from your coaching investment if you are motivated and ready to:


Take action, commit to your own personal development and believe that you can change your life!


Life Coaching Costs


Life coaching services are available in person or by phone on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis.

Our fee for Life Coaching is available on request.  Call now to arrange your  free 20 minute consultation.

 We can then agree on a subsequent meeting programme that meets your needs and fits in with your schedule and budget.

Please call 01224 749982 or 07946 527555, or email